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Deez Nuts

“You Got Me Fucked Up” is the album DEEZ NUTS needed to write. JJ Peters (vocals)explains: “It’s the breath of fresh air that we and our fans have been sorely missing. The thingthat stands out the most about our songwriting, our performance and vibe onthis wholealbum: We finally got our party sound back, but not in the sense of beat to death ‘party’lyrics. These songs just scream fun.”DEEZ NUTS deliberately picked different locations to write and record the album, despitesticking with Andrew Neufeld(Comeback Kid, Sights & Sounds) as co-producer. “This timewe wrote in Toronto rather than New York City and recorded in Los Angeles rather thanBoston like we did on the last two albums. The difference the surroundings brought to thealbum are very muchfelt throughout its ten bangers.”“You Got Me Fucked Up” is just that: ten bangers. There are no 20 second humorous songs,but it is ten well-written and well-structured songs. “Some people subscribe to the ‘if it ain’tbroken, don’t fix it’ philosophy. Mine has always been ‘if you don’t evolve, you die’. Icouldn’t wait a second longer to put that into play with DN using this new album as thevehicle.” According to Peters “You Got Me Fucked Up” is the most important album in theirdiscography since “Stay True”–and he cannot wait for you all to enjoy it!The three singles the band chose all play a valuable role in introducing this album to theirdiehard fans and hopefully they will be welcoming some newcomers and possible fence-sitters, too. “Crooked Smile” is as catchy and infectious as it is pissed and menacing, a perfectlead in. “Singalong” is possibly the most DEEZ NUTS for those who fear change. “It’s ourold familiar sound on steroids and laced with melody”, say Peters. “Bitterest End” lets youknowthat you can expect the unexpected throughout this album. “It is taking our sound andsongwriting to brand new places, but in a very DN fashion.”Short after the release of “You Got Me Fucked Up” DEEZ NUTS will embark on a Europeantour with Lionheart, Kublai Khan, Obey The Brave and Fallbrawl. A tour that Peters is verymuch looking forward to: “We’ll be on the road with the homies… in Europe this November,enjoying these songs in the live arena for the first time ever, please don’t miss these shows,theyare gonna be one for the books, and the start of our next chapter.”“You Got Me Fucked Up” is available as: Ltd. CD Digipak, LP+CD and Digital Album.

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